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Me and my girlfriend planned to get a puppy months ago, and we were both very excited. We talked about the responsibilities, who does what etc. Everything was sorted out and we couldn't wait to pick up our new baby boy.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always go as planned.. I had a lot of stress at work due to Corona, to a point where I was basically working four jobs at once. And then I snapped, completely broke down. Called my boss and took some time off to clear my mind.

I talked about it with my girlfriend and agreed that it would be doable for me (stress wise) to raise the puppy as long as we do it together.

In comes the little rascal. And in the middle of a heatwave, of course. Temperatures up to 95 degrees all week, and a restless ball of energy are an exhausting combination. He bites, he zooms, he destroys and leave him alone for more than a second and he'll scream bloody hellfire (and he doesn't cry himself to sleep after 15-20 minutes like I've been reading here) all night long if he has to. So it's not like we can crate him when he's tired, we have to watch him 24/7. But at least we do it together..

Well, my girlfriend is officially scared of the puppy. Everytime he sees her he gets excited, starts jumping and biting (playfully I guess), he won't listen one bit, and my girlfriend just ends up walking away, crying with a dog dangling from her dress. She spends a lot of time away from him, which only causes him to be even more excited whenever he sees her again. At the end of day 2 she was ready to rehome him, as she didn't think the situation would improve as long as she remained scared of the little landshark. I tried to calm her down, explaining puppy blues to her and that the biting is just a phase. She calmed down a little and we decided to take things one day at a time. She's trying her hardest to be calm around him, toss a toy when he jumps at her, reward him when he's calm etc, but it's a slow process.

Since I want this to work, I've pretty much taken up all puppy responsibilities, and we're making decent progress. From potty training, crate training, command training, playtime, walks and socializing, I've been doing everything for the past few weeks. I've been sleeping on the couch with him on the floor besides me, but I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night since we got him, I'm just constantly waiting for him to do something or signal me to go outside.

Now I know raising a puppy on your own is very doable, but I'm super stressed out and I'm supposed to get some rest so I can get back to work sometime soon. I don't have the patience for this and I'm already noticing my frustrations whe he's doing "puppy stuff". I have to keep reminding myself that he's just a dumb baby who still needs to learn. However, this wasn't the deal I made with my girlfriend when we decided to get a puppy, but I'm afraid that if I don't do it, he gets neglected and eventually rehomed. My mental health is suffering and I'm at a loss right now. I don't want to give him up, but I can't go on like this. The thought of telling my friends and family that we had to give him away breaks my heart, and I would feel like such a failure in front of all of them.

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