My Fiance, the Chew Toy

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The two Shiba Inu puppies have been here nearly a whole week now and they're still really great as they were in the last post. House trained, both of them now can sit reliably. They've been meeting all sorts of people and dogs and have had no fear or problems whatsoever. They're clearly starting to nip more, but they don't do it to my step-daughter or I because we set boundaries immediately.

Except towards my fiance. My fiance hasn't seen them quite as much as my step-daughter and I have because of his work schedule.

Every time he gets into the play pen or otherwise holds one of the puppies he gets met with an absolute frenzy. Lots of nipping. He'll do the yelp and they'll go in at him harder. He'll go to leave and they'll grab onto his shirt or pants so it feels like it's self-reinforcing. They will not redirect to toys. It's pure excitement that's causing it, and I don't really have a way to lower the excitement if every time they see him it's cut short from the biting and it gets worse the following time.

It's to the point they're nearly drawing blood and he's not really wanting to spend time with the little land sharks seeing it's no fun.

Is it just time needing to pass or is there something we should be doing?

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