My dogs are becoming nightmares and I don’t know what to do

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First let me say, I would never consider giving them up or giving them away, I’m just starting to consider not taking them on walks at all, or not walking my younger dog.

I have a 7 year old Maltese terrier who has had problems all his life. He wasn’t trained right as a puppy and has severe separation anxiety and cries anytime he is alone or isn’t getting attention (when I need to go out, even when he is sitting in his seat in the back of the car and isn’t getting attention). He is terrible with other dogs and people and barks at every single dog and person he sees. Even trying to attack other dogs and people. Usually when I take him on walks, he is fine, as long as I avoid people and dogs. He tends to pull a lot and I’ve tried training him to stop but he doesn’t ever pick up on it. Last year, I got a puppy to help my Maltese terrier adapt to me working more, I trained him correctly and got him well socialised with both people and dogs, and trained him to walk on a leash. He is now 1+ year old and now disregards everything I have taught him. He has picked up behaviours off my Maltese terrier and is now a nightmare. He has picked up my Maltese’s behaviour of crying all the time, but the only time he cries is when he is on walks, but it is CONSTANT. As soon as they see another dog or person they both BARK THEIR HEADS OFF and make an absolute scene in front of everyone and anytime a person tries to pass us on the walk, both of the dogs try and LAUNCH at the person. They have never hurt a person, and I would never allow them to, but it was never this bad. My 1 year old has only become really bad recently and throughout his whole puppyhood, he did not act as badly as he does now. He now barks at every single dog he sees, and goes absolutely mental when he sees any living thing on the walks. It’s becoming the worst part of my day and feeling more like a chore to have to walk them because recently it’s gotten so bad that it makes me cry when I get home from the walk. It’s never been this bad before, and even before we got the puppy, walks were easy as long as we avoided dogs. The one year old was trained but has slowly started to pick up unacceptable behaviours from the 7 year old.

Is there any way I can train the 1 year old to stop? The 7 year old already has problems and I have been advised from a vet that training will be extremely difficult if even possible due to his upbringing and his age. Should I start taking the 7 year old on walks by himself and just play with the 1 year old in the backyard? Is there any training plans I can use?

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