My dog won’t tell me he has to go outside but will tell my bf

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I have a 3 yr old Beagle who is a rescue (got him back in December and he was 2.5yrs old then). He will be laying next to be on the sofa and get up and go to the office to tell my bf that he has to go outside. He does this by squeezing between his legs and nudging him. If my bf has headphones on he will bark at him to let him know.

In the beginning he used to just sit by the door and not make a peep but that’s how we know when he needs to go to the bathroom.

I’ve tried rewarding him with treats when he goes outside and does his business and I try to regularly take him out for a walk everyday in the afternoon. I work a lot so I’m gone for most of the day while my bf works from home.

I understand that some dogs will associate certain things to a particular person and in this case he knows to go to my bf to go potty but I just don’t know how to have him tell me too. I’ve seen him before sit by the door and be silent and that’s when I recognize he needs to go outside but the fact that I would be sitting right next to him and he will get up and go to another room to tell my bf is like why I was sitting right next to you, tell me! Lol.

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