My dog won’t stop throwing the ball at me during fetch

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My dog (3y/o lab) loves playing fetch more than anything. I got her when she was 1 and she already knew how to play fetch. She has always been great about bringing the ball back.

The issue is that when she brings the ball back to me, she doesn't drop it or let me take it from her, instead she throws it at my chest or crotch with a fair amount of force. This is ok when I am sitting and can grab it when it bounces into my lap, but when I'm standing it just bounces away.

I have no idea what to do here. The desired behavior is that she will hold the ball/toy in her mouth until I grab it. Eventually I want to turn this into bringing me dropped items, but every time I try to train it, she just throws the items at me rather than waiting for me to take them.

After about 10 games of fetch I've gotten her to throw the ball at me with less force, but I have no idea where to go from here. If I try to grab the ball out of her mouth before she drops it, she quickly backs away and drops the ball the second I reach for it. If I try to get her to drop it directly in my hands, she just throws the ball into my hands from a few feet away (she has surprisingly good aim).

Also worth noting is that she has a very low frustration tolerance. When she doesn't understand what I want her to do with the ball, she will stop trying after about 5 tries and just leave it at my feet for me to pick up

Any advice is appreciated. I can't find a single post online of anyone else ever having this issue

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