My dog wont leave his crate.

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My dog is a mountain cur, he is 4 years old ive had him for 2. When I first got him I would crate him while we (was married then) were at work and when I was selling that house because of walkthroughs. We have lived in this current house for a year, he's never seemed comfortable here. He's always been kinda nervous about well everything, noise, anything new, a dandelion, hes good with people takes a bit at first but he comes around. Its firework season so once it gets dark he hides anyway, thats his norm, this is a different thing.

The last 3 months I wasn't working so I've been home most of the time. In the last couple months he spends more and more time in the crate. We'd get up and do our new morning routine, walk, play in the yard n food. Id do my stuff n wed hang out on the couch for a while. He's always wanted to be where I was. I the last month or so hell go in there after our walks 10-11 and wont come out til like 4. I'll ask him if he wants to go outside everytime I went and he wouldnt budge. He'd even look away if I called him a few times. I thought maybe he was tired, my sleep schedule was all over the place and I'd assume it messed with him to, so I left him be. It would get to be evening and we always went out before bed, again he wouldnt budge, just look away. He wouldnt come out for treats or anything. Id try to sweet talk him out, nothing. I know I've messed up by pushing him out, he wouldnt respond to anything, but once he was out he was all for going outside. I started working again this week and its the same thing. We do our morning routine, then I leave at 530am and get home about 3pm. He came to the door all excited when I got home then we went for a walk hung out for a bit. He was acting like he wanted to go out again, so went out but he got in the crate and has been in there since 5:40 its now 9:10, fireworks started about 10 mins ago so hes done for the night anyway.

He scratched his eye in april and I had to put some cream on it daily for a while, other than that he hasnt been sick or anything. Eats fine, drinks, goes on walks and has a ball, but at home lately he just shuts down it seems. I don't know what to do, its really irritating that he completely ignores me. I'm sure I only made it worse by pushing him out of the crate. It seems like this all started out of nowhere and I don't know what to do. I feel like such a pos that hed rather spend 12+ hrs in the crate than going outside or doing fkn anything. I tried talking to the vet last time i was there and they pointed me to a trainer in town. Has anyone experienced this before or have any advice? Have I just fkd so bad, my dog is now a crate dog?

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