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I am seeking some help from people. My dog, a King Shepherd who is 75 pounds and 6 months old, will not calm down. He is constantly getting into stuff, despite getting walks and trips to the dog park every single day. He is an excellent dog and his training is going along extremely well (our class instructor told us he had never seen such a well-behaved puppy) but there is one thing that I cannot fix, despite what feels like thousands of attempts.

He is incapable of settling down. He is constantly panting and yawning and wandering around. He shoves his nose into whatever he wants and often knocks over things (like garbage cans), or otherwise wreaks havoc on things (like my fish tank, which he managed to dislodge the filter from and drink water out of while I was in the washroom for ONLY FIVE MINUTES) —So many videos and blogs suggest putting things up high but he is legit as tall as me when he jumps up—.

The only way for me to get him to calm down is to give him a bone, but I those only last an hour and I don’t want to constantly be giving him unhealthy things. He has no interest in regular chews, either.

I’m honestly at my limit, and while I would have opted for a professional trainer, no trainers in my town are open to clients due to covid.

I’ve tried rewarding him when he is calm by clicker (he understands clicker training) and a reward, but eventually he just doesn’t seem to care and goes off. It’s so frustrating and I know it’s not his fault, but I seriously need help. I don’t want him to be spending his days cooped up in his crate when I don’t have my full attention on him, but it has started getting to that point.

Any help is appreciated.

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