My dog was attacked by another dog, how do I help him?

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To give a little background on my dog, he was a rescue at 6 months. I’ve spent the last 8 months helping him gain his confidence and he became an overall happy pup. I’ve only heard him bark about 5 times the whole time I’ve had him, he’s been super sweet and gentle, and most importantly he loved every other animal and human. He still was anxious, but was making strides everyday.

About a week ago, my boyfriends sister was watching my dog while we were moving. A dog got loose and attacked him. I took him to the vet and he had some bruising and a small fracture, but in general he’s okay and healing well!

As expected, now every time a dog, animal, or human even walks by our house, he starts growling and barking which he NEVER used to do. I don’t yell at him and I’m not stern, but I try to distract him and it doesn’t work. I understand why he’s like this, I know he’s traumatized. But what steps can I take right now to help/train him because less fearful/anxious? Will he ever be able to overcome this and stop barking?

TLDR; my dog was attacked and has become fearful d other dogs and humans and I need advice on how to help him heal emotionally and be comfortable around other dogs and people.

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