My dog was attacked and injured recently and now he’s reactive. Advice please!

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Hi guys!

So my dog, Tofu, a 25 lb cairn terrier mix was attacked by a german shepherd and pitbull while on a walk about a month and a half ago. He got injured bad enough to need stitches but he's all healed up now! He used to be nervous around big dogs but he was able to get used to them. Now, he barks and lunges at every dog we pass, even if they are small, young, female and across the street. We were using a gentle leader before the attack but then after the attack we started using a harness. We just recently went back to using the gentle leader again. When he passes a dog, we do "focus" where he is supposed to keep his eyes on me as we pass and he's treated after. He already knew how to do this before. He has gotten slightly better since the attack and is able to focus on me a little better but it's still rough. 3 times a week I go running with him in the morning and it's incredibly difficult to do Focus and treat but I try. I also think the running past fires him up even more when before if a reactive dog made him nervous, running past helped and he never barked and lunged. Am I handling this correctly by using focus? Should I be doing something else? Should I continue to take him on runs with me? All help and advice is appreciated!

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