My dog views training as a punishment/fear – Help!

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I rescued my dog a little under a year ago. He’s got his basic commands down (sit, lie down, paw, come, etc.,). When I first started training him, sometimes he’d become what I thought was “shy.”

Now I’ve come to realize that he is PETRIFIED of me while training. I use treats, verbal commands (sit, either with a “good,” or a “nah,” depending on what he does.

Today we were working on “stay” because whenever I leave his line of vision, he starts doing what dogs do and forgets the command. After about 10-15 minutes of good training, he all of sudden started running around the yard, hiding from me, not listening to a single command, and shaking.

If this helps, my tone for both “good” and “nah” are the same (I also don’t raise my volume).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I obviously don’t know what happened in the 5 years before I got him, but from what I gather he was basically kept inside the entire time and from my understanding, underwent no training.

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