My dog needs more than I can give her right now, please help.

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My girlfriend and I fostered and adopted a shepard mix just before quarantine hit. We were so happy to have her and she helped us both immensely as an outlet to our own anxieties. She is now about seven months old and has become the biggest source of stress in our lives.

She has so much energy and we just can't help her use it. Every soft toy she touches gets destroyed within minutes. Even hard toys, toys I've seen other dogs come nowhere near destroying, get destroyed within one play session.

The hard toys she doesn't destroy get thrown around our apartment, creating a cacophony that our downstairs neighbor says, "Sounds like you're dropping rocks on the ground every night, please stop." We put a rug down and now she digs at the rug and chews at the sides.

She has recently started boredom barking, just sitting four feet from us and barking out of nowhere. If we leave her eyesight, even just for a minute to walk to the kitchen, she barks.

We take her on two hour-long walks a day, one in the morning and one before dinner. We crate her for about 3 hours at a time, though sometimes she barks from her crate and we worry she's bothering our neighbor so we pull her out. When she is crated, she has toys, kongs with peanut butter, even calming music playing in the room. But she still barks.

I have nowhere to let her run freely and exhaust herself, because the city has close all dog parks. I don't know what puzzle toys to get her, because she has chewed through two hol-ee rollers. And I can't give her anything that she'll throw around because we don't want another complaint from our neighbor.

My girlfriend and I are honestly considering renting a car and driving across the country to stay with my parents. At least the dog would have a fenced-in backyard and we could let her bark without fear of landlord action. Is that the best option? Or is there anything that can be done quietly from our apartment? Please help, I'm at my wit's end.

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