My dog keeps lagging behind on walks.

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I have a 3 y/o Kelpie mix we have been loose leash training for about 6 months (I’ve rescued him 9 months). He can be leash aggressive but thanks to lots of training he is so much better. We used the Gentle Leader & now are using the Easy Walk harness. He pretty much only reacts occasionally to certain dogs (goldens are enemies apparently), but working on that too. What I can’t figure out is why is he has started lagging after 15 minutes or so into our walk & how to train him to catch up? I literally have to pull him along he is going as slow as my old senior boy did at 13. We do live in the southwest where it already is 90+ degrees in the day. I try & do our “big walk” in the AM when it is cooler. But, after about a half hour his tongue is starting to stick out. So I worry it’s heat exhaustion. But yet he also does this on our night walks (no tongue out then). He is a healthy dog. He will find energy to chase any squirrel or deer, we do agility training & up until this started we were doing a 3 mile walk daily. Needles to say this has stopped. Is this a training issue? TIA!!

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