My dog keeps biting my legs (?)

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so we adopted this 6 week old black puppy. everything was going smooth until he was about 8 weeks. well i know puppies play like this since they mouth, and still dont know how much he/she can bite. so one time i was playing with him and he got too excited and started to bite my pants and legs. well i tried to get him off with my hands, but then he latched on to them. this happens pretty often now when someone runs. idk if its aggression? because when he does this he growls really loud and shakes his head. but hes so sweet to new people and my family too. i tried to do the “ouch!” method but he just bites harder. i tried doing everything i think but nothing seems to work. im just afraid that when he grows up this wont stop. any tips on what i should do/what hes doing?

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