my dog just bit me for the first time and i’m so upset

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the dog at hand here is an old english bulldog named chunks who is so beautiful and sweet and playful. she is trained (down, lay on your pillow, in the house, stop, no, go, etc) and very sweet to all members in the household, including a 2yo, 1yo, our shih tzu, my parents, and i.

as a little background piece, she has never showed signs of aggression towards anyone in or outside of the family besides once, a couple weeks back, when my mom vaguely mentioned that chunks had bared her teeth at her when my mom told her to get in her house (crate). mom said it casually, nothing more escalated from the situation, and there hasn’t been any instances since, but she noted this happened after chunks did not want to get in her house.

so, i was just eating dinner and noticed my dogs were both begging behind my chair and i told them to “go” which means to them that they need to go elsewhere while i’m eating. sometimes (and both dogs do it) when they are told to go/in the house, they will just take a couple steps back in hopes of me losing attention so that they can sneak back behind the chair. they both will ALWAYS go into the house if i stand or act like i’m getting up to go lock their cages behind them. my shih tzu walked away when i told them to go but chunks did not so i stood up. it felt like she was challenging me. i kept telling her to go but she was not listening so i decided she needed the cage locked behind her to keep her from begging while i ate. she wasn’t moving at all or even looking at me when i was telling her to get in her house, and when i went to nudge her in the direction of the house, she bit the shit out of me and still wouldn’t get in the house. i pulled back in disbelief and yelled, but she still did not go into her cage and instead was really challenging me by having her teeth bared, posture crouched low like she was going to lunge at me, and she was snapping hard in whatever direction i moved in, like she was trying to bite me with the intent to do so.

then, she finally got into her house but was VERY snappy and tried to bite me as i locked her cage locks. also even when i wasn’t near the locks, and she tried to bite at any skin she could reach from her cage. she was like a completely different dog. i was in shock so i decided to let her go outside for space, but she got defensive and i had to literally turn her cage sideways to get her out and keep her from going back in. then she wouldn’t go outside, she was crouched low and had her teeth bared right beside her cage.

she finally went outside, but i’m just so mixed up and honestly really emotional right now. we’ve had her for almost four years now, and i don’t know where this came from. what do i do? is there something that might be causing this? all that makes sense to me is that she has only ever gotten like this in instances where she was told to get in her house but did not listen. she doesn’t have any problems with her cage and never has, so i don’t understand why she’s behaving as if she has trauma or something against it. i’m so hurt right now, she drew blood and all. i’m scared that this might progress, especially with the babies in the house. please help, i don’t want to have to give her away, but i do have to prioritize the babies with this type of behavior 🙁

this literally hasn’t ever happened (besides what my mom was saying she did), so i’m so confused. she is my baby :((((

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