My dog is scared of my new dog

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Ok so I didnt know where else to post this.

Older dog:Bella younger dog:Bruno

So my 3 year old dog is scared of my 2 month old dog. Everytime bruno comes Bella has her tail between her legs her head is down and she runs away. Also when Bella doesnt have anywhere to go and bruno is next to her, she starts to growl and is about to bite Bruno. That's why we have to keep an eye on Bruno because he doesnt know any better.

Bella is really scared. She wont even go near his poop. If Bruno touches her food or water she wont eat out of it. And Bruno has to sleep with me because its safest for him at night and Bella doesnt want anywhere near my room. I was holding my Bruno and then Bella smelled my hands and she ran away.

Is there anyway I can make it so she isn't scared anymore?

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