My dog is only naughty and disrespectful when my mum is home

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So until my mum comes home from work my dog is very obedient and respectful, She doesn't jump up at people, bark, jump onto the kitchen counter, jump at peoples food and in general is very mellow.

The moment my mum arrives home it's a different story, She does all the things she knows she shouldn't and more. That being said there is still a very distinct difference to how she treats my mother and others in the house. She doesn't jump at my food or anyone else's in the house but always jumps at my mothers food, my mother even feeds her treats so my mother can eat her food in peace which is ridiculous because I think that's reinforcing that behaviour of jumping up at food.

Along with that the dog will also bark incessantly while with my mother, it drives me crazy. And everytime I tell her she shouldn't allow the dog to do these things she uses the excuse that she is just a puppy and will grow out of it. She is 1 years old and has been doing it since we got her, I don't believe she'll stop this behaviour unless trained but I feel like it's all for nothing when I try to train her, my reasoning is because my mother will just instill bad habits on her again and ruin my efforts.

What do you guys think I should do?

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