My dog is obsessed with licking other smaller dogs male parts & pee

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Our one year old male augie (corgi mixed with mini aussie) has recently gained this bad habit to lick other Male dogs urine, & just wants to continue licking their junk. He recently did this with 2 male dogs he's encountered that are smaller than him. The first dog we were at my friends house & we tried separating them because her dog was getting upset but then my dog started getting stressed out. He wasn't even listening to me, didn't want his treat, or no snuggles with anyone he just wanted to sniff & lick the other dogs junk lol! Then the 2nd dog he did that to we at our house. My uncle brought his new male dog he had rescued and his other male dog that my dog(Levi) is best friends and never had the pee issue with. Levi would not leave the new dog alone he wanted to drink his pee every time and just lick his little junk too. He also was really aggressive with his best friend like they were enemies & never seen each other before. My uncle carried his new dog the whole evening, because he is a lap dog anyways and Levi was just sitting by his side starring at it, hyperventilating, & drooling like if it was a steak on the dinner table! We keep calling Levi, trying to distract him to play with the other dog or his toys, or give him treats and he just didn't budge till they left (which was 4 hours later). Is this normal? If so how can get him to listen better or have him not be so obsessive with it because it's a very uncomfortable situation for the people & the dogs? Will neutering help calm the situation? Also he is a well trained dog, so it is very confusing & frustrating how he absolutely was not responding to any command while in this state.

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