My dog is a cheeky bastard – HELP

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I’m not sure where else to go for help regarding our 2 year old bulldog. We’re having a really hard time with her toileting and general attitude.

To give a bit of background, Baby was passed around 4 different owners before we took her in so she has a background of anxiety issues. She would often tremble or cry very loudly when left alone but we spent a long time supporting her to be more confident within herself, so she’s a much happier and self-assured wee thing now. She’s a very intelligent dog!

My partner has asthma so we try to keep Baby out of the bedroom at bedtime and have trained her to stay in her bed outside the room while we’re in bed. Recently, however, she’s become very self-entitled to our spaces (I know that’s a weird word to describe a dog but no other word captures what she’s like so well). She will push her way onto the bed and it’s a nightmare trying to get her out because she’s like a bar of soap when she doesn’t want to be caught. She will also now climb on top of me whenever I sit down, as if she is trying to dominate me (it is sometimes accompanied by humping even though she has been dressed). This has come alongside a new habit of peeing and pooing multiple times through the night all over the kitchen.

Now, Baby has been properly toilet trained, she obviously spends a lot of time with us because we’re in lockdown right now and we’ve wondered if that has perhaps caused the change in behaviour. No matter what we try, it doesn’t seem to help. We take her out right before bed and we’re always certain there can’t be any more toilet left for her to do at night, but sure as fate she’ll do it!

I’ve always had dogs my entire life, always big breeds, and Baby has been the most difficult to train by far. I’m patient with her because I know she has had a troubled little past but I’m now desperate for suggestions on how to combat this new attitude she has as well as the toileting!

Thank you so much to anyone who has read this!

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