My Dog Has Seperation Anxiety

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Hi my name is Allen and I am a proud owner of a 120 pound American Bulldog named Opie. I first got Opie when he was around a year old and had him since for 2 years now.

When I first got Opie I was working from home. Now a couple of months ago I started a new job which makes me no longer able to work from home. Everytime I leave for work he will bark until I get home. I thought when I started my job the barking would stop over time since it would be the new norm me leaving for 6 hours a day at the same time and days every week.

Somethings I've tried is leaving the tv or some music on just so it isn't so quite when I'm not around. I've tried giving him full house access so he could do what ever his heart desires. I've tried buying him tons of different toys so that he wouldn't be bored. But nothing has worked yet I need help please.

In a couple of months I might be moving to a new state and by the looks of it I'm going to be in an apartment or duplex. I just dont wanna be that person who has their dog barking all day long when I'm at work nor do I want my dog to feel anxious or bored when I'm at work. If you could leave suggestions on how I might resolve this please let me know.

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