My dog has been aggressive since a major car wreck

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So, recently I was in a really awful car wreck with my dog. Fortunately she wasn't hurt very badly, just some pain in her right side (she was looked at by 2 vets just to make sure) but she definitely seems traumatized.

She's a chihuahua, 12 years old and I've had her since she was a puppy. She spent a couple days at the pound and about a week with a friend until I was released from the hospital during which time she was listless and barely ate.

When I got out and I finally got her back she started eating regularly again but she became extremely protective. She's always been protective of me but this was next level, she'd even attack my mom (her other favorite person) when she'd try to pick her up to take her outside so I'd have to do it despite being barely able to walk.

As I've gotten better this aggression has receded a bit, there haven't been bites just some growling at worst. Except for whenever she sees her harness. Just holding it up has her lunging and trying to rip the thing out of your hand. I think she blames it for hurting her, since she was wearing it in the crash. Unfortunately I need to put it on her so I can take her to the vet or groomers.

Does anyone have any idea on what I could do?

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