My dog got body slammed at the park and now I am afraid I ruined things and he’s reactive

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So I just adopted a 6 month old shepherd mix (40 lbs) and he has been doing really well so far. He was reactive to restraint at the vet (which we definitely need to address) but he did fantastic at the puppy play group and meeting friends' dogs. He has no possessive nature or guarding nature so far. So I decided to take him to the dog park. Everything was going great. Perfect recall. Beautiful play behavior. And then a pittie mix ran full speed into him (like 30 mph) and he screamed and tumbled. I left with him and made sure he was okay before taking him back a few days later. He is now screaming every time a dog runs toward him and I made him leave after he bolted, tail between his legs. When we were getting to the exit another dog approached slowly and he screamed and snapped at the dog. I am so scared that I just created a dog reactive puppy and I am overwhelmed.

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