My dog doen’t recognize me and is aggressive towards me.

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Hello guys, I'm finding myself in a strange situation and am lost. You've seen the title but here is my story.

My parents and I have a 1.2 years old GS named Axel. He is wonderful big boy and we all love him to death. A week ago my folks went away and took the dog with them(I should make note this is not the first time the dog and I have been separated for more than few days). Well today they got home, I wasn't there when they arrived but got home maybe 10 mins after them. As I entered the house, Axel was waiting on the door and he welcomed me into the house, he seemed very happy to see me and was egar to play. I went to say hello to my parents and as I was doing that I turned to Axel because I wanted to pet him, he growled so I decided he needed space and I gave it to him. A couple minutes after that , while I was catching up with my parents he came directly to me and stood next to me , again being visibly okay and happy. I took that as a sign he was okay with me and reached to pet him very gently, as soon as i touched him he lauched at me, aiming for the neck. I wasn't bitten and he was restrained. Nobody got hurt. Instantly everyone was on edge and very nervous. He got taken outside to the backyard while we could all calm down.After a few minutes I got close to the door of the backyard so he could see me and I called him on his name and tried to talk to him but he began barking at me so I moved away from his view. After that my parents went outside with him to calm him down and see how he was doing. We decided after he calm down they would put muzzle on him and we would meet again in a bit more controlled way. My folks told me after they got home he instantly went towards my room to look for me so we decided it might be a good idea for me to stay in my room and he would come , and find me in my normal space. He was very hesitant and didn't want to cross into my room at first but came in after a litte bit of food motivation. I was directly across him with a lot of space between us and it was all good. He was very calm and layed on the floor with his head on the flood. After seeing how relaxed he was I moved towards him ever so slightly. Nothing changed. Moved again, no changes. Repeat a few times. After I am quite close to him, I gave him a litte bit of food and he was very eagar to take it and showed no hesitation or anything else. Next I stared reaching a little bit with my arm so he can have a good smell, he went to smell it and in the instant he smelled my hand he started snarling and showing aggression again. After that he was again, taken outside. A few things to be added: 1) For the last year we've had him I have walked him every day 2)I give him some of his meals 3)We play together a lot 4)He has never been like that ever to me, although he bit my dad once after a bit of a fiasco but showed remorse instantly and never did anything again. 5)They way he looks at me is like he has never met me and doesn't know who I am, but I think he is concious that I exist (going for my room as soon as he came home)

Please help,will answer questions as I can.

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