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First time poster so sorry in advance! Losing my patience with this puppy!! (7 months old, Chaos. Very fitting name.) So far has only been able to “sit, stay, come” but ONLY if he thinks we have a treat for him!!! He has no problem crying to let us know he needs out to go pee. So here’s the problem. Somehow he is getting into my babies socks even thought I put them up (I must knock some off the dresser on accident) and he has ruined so many soothers the minute I drop them when I am carrying my baby. He chews holes in her socks and ours. I’ve tried treats and offering toys to him that he is allowed to chew on and there’s this thing he does where he grabs his toy, jumps on bed with us and chews on our blanket pretending he’s chewing on the toy that is DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM!! So he is a smart boy but idk what the problem is!! I’ve yelled at him out of frustration and put him in time out but nothing it working and he is just costing me money! He just refuses to listen and catch on to commands. We also have an older dog (10 years old. His name is demon. Biggest sweetheart!) who has no problem listening to any commands and can even go into the yard without his leash. Not sure if this helps but the puppy is a bichon frise and our older dog is a border collie mix.

I also need to say that when I am “losing my patience” it’s more or less of me just locking myself and my new born in the bedroom to get away from him.

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