My dog barks whenever she hears noises like barking or construction noises, etc. How can i redirect her/stop it?

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She is a Pyrenees mix, so I know barking comes with the territory but i also dont want to let that be an excuse to let her bark excessively.

Weve done desensitizing to the noise of keys. Shes very dog reactive so barking is hard to do that for. We have her on anti anxiety meds, an adaptil diffuser, white noise machine on, tv on, and a frosted window cling covering all our windows. And she'll still jump up and go ballistic.

Any suggestions? Rare picture of her being chill on the patio. Clicker training/engage disengage has been awesome for this. But she can see the trigger so it helps, whereas inside she just runs room to room barking because she doesn't know where its coming from.

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