My dog acts like I never feed him

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I need help with my recently one year old mutt. He’s on a regular feeding schedule and despite having food left in his bowl, he’ll come and stare at anyone in my house when they’re eating. He’s always looking for scraps and begs nonstop when there’s food around, like he hasn’t been fed in days (which obviously isn’t true). We don’t give out scraps while we’re eating and if we do share we do it away from the dining table and make him work for it by doing a trick. Last night we caught him up on top of the dining room table sniffing for food, and just today he pulled some turkey off the kitchen counter that had been sliced for dinner. Today he was more aggressive when he was caught. He growled and attempted to bite me when I scolded him. Any reason he might be acting this way? He doesn’t have any aggressive tendencies usually, so tonight really caught me off guard. Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA!

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