My brother adopted a Pitbull.

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Hey everybody. So about a week ago my brother adopted an 1 month old Pitbull and brought it to our home. Even though he has only been with us for a week I already love the dog. But to be honest, I’m extremely concerned about our future with the dog. Even though he’s only a month old, I can already feel he’s very energetic. He bites everything he can get a hold on, including my legs,arms, furniture, cables etc… We also have a 12 year old cat who’s been avoiding him like the plague. I understand that with proper training he’ll eventually become a sweet, loving dog, but what if he snaps one day and attacks me, my cat or a random person/dog while I walk him? I’m not sure I can trust him to not mess up once in his life. Messing up only once would be catastrophic. At the moment, I feel like I have a baby tiger in my house. Can his instincts be controlled? Can I trust him to never attack anyone? Is there a guideline on how to raise a Pitbull?

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