My almost 6-month old King Charles Cavalier threw up 8x today pls reassure a fresh/worried/dramaaa bb mamaaa

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My puppy Scarlet (turns 6mo on the 11th yay) has obviously thrown up from time to time, which is nothing to sweat (and trust me I do not sweat it lol just clean it up and move on ok we know the drill). But this afternoon, she started throwing up and I'm wondering if she's sick? It was seemingly out of nowhere and all took place within about 45 minutes. The first time, she threw up SO MUCH food, like breakfast + lunch, and she was shaking a lot prior. Then, after another shaking episode, she threw up again. And again. With like 10 minutes or so in between. 8 times total. The first two times it was mostly food, but then it was mostly just stomach acid I think. When it was food, it was mostly digested. She was convulsing a lot over all, and would whine softly, I think from her stomach pain. Shame. Breaks my heart. Anyway I'm really worrying and just don't know what signs to look for moving forward. She's resting right now and when she's awake she's super clingy and cutie. I'm hoping it's just some kind of food poisoning or idk?? Do dogs get food poisoning the way we do?? Just want to care for her and not be super dramatic !! Thank you !! ([bb tax]

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