My adopted dog hates men / unable to be left alone without a muzzle / my puppies couldn’t socialize at all during Covid

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Hi! I didn't want to do multiple posts so I will include them all here

First, I need to say, my country has had the longest quarantine of the world! This has been a huge problem for my dog training.

Now I'm spending the quarantine (6 months already) in a small village and unfortunately most of people here hates dogs and it's very insecure to be walking my dogs multiple times a day so since we have a lot of outdoors space inside the house, my dogs have been there.

I adopted a dog last year. She's a bit more than a year old right now and keeps hating men -she has hated men since the first day-. The problem is, I present her a man, she starts getting used to that man, but hates all the others. She can get used to more men but hates men in general. I moved some time ago to this country so is not like I know a lot of people my dog can socialize with.

This dog I adopted is unable to be left alone without muzzle. Again, I can't practice that right now since we are in quarantine right now. I'm a college student, but I can't even go and shop a tomato without my dog destroying the house 🙁

We had puppies in february. Quarantine started when they were 15 days old. We came here and dogs haven't met the outside world many times. We have 4 (6 months old) puppies right now. 2 of them socialize decently. 1 of them is very scared of other dogs, even very small ones, at the point he will tremble and not want to walk. 1 of them barks almost evert dog and then gets scared when they come close.

They know basic commands (specially my older dog, listens and obbeys me for 7) but I have these problems with them

Hope somebody can help me 🙂 thank you

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