My 9 week old puppy has started crying more in her crate

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I got my 9 week old cavapoo Friday just gone so she’s been home with me for 4 days and the first night I put her to bed about 11pm and she cried for half an hour at midnight which I expected, I ignored her and she self soothed till I took her out at 2.30am for a wee and then she settled again till 6.30am when we got up. Following two nights her crying became a lot less intense and for shorter periods I continued taking her out at 2.30am for a wee, we even had one night without any crying at all. However yesterday she had a really busy day with a couple of visitors so she was so tired by 10.30pm, I took her out for a final wee and poop and put her to bed, she was fine till midnight again and her crying just kept coming and going every 2 hours. I am a first time dog owner and doing this on my own so just worried that she’s going backwards with her crate training. she’s had one accident (poop) in her crate but this wasn’t in her bed and was on the second night and we haven’t had anything since she’s also doing reasonably well with her house training too, but I’m getting really anxious so any advice would be massively appreciated!!

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