My 8 week old puppy won’t eat from the bowl

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So 4 days ago I brought my new puppy home, he is 8 weeks old. And he is having problem with eating. The breeder gave us directions on how much he should eat, spread out to 3-4 times a day. We give him food in his bowl but he won’t eat it. We carry him to the bowl and he eats a few mouthfuls before backing away. We carry him back to the bowl and the same thing happens. We tried feeding trough our hands which also works for a little while before he won’t eat more. In a day he eats maybe half of the amount he is supposed to. It’s the exactly same food he ate while at the breeders house, and he was really good at eating there. It’s almost impossible to make him eat 4 times a day because one meal takes about an hour to give him (even though he won’t finish the whole meal).

Any tips? Should I be worried?

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