My 7mo old Pyrenees/Lab/Mastiff mix knows all the basic commands, but won’t listen unless there are no distractions.

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[TLDR]: Puppy won’t refocus on me when people come over/other distractions occur. Need help maintaining focus as well as staying calm amongst distractions.

So I adopted her straight away @ 8 weeks from a friend who rescued a pregnant Pyrenees and couldn’t keep the puppies, and from day 1 I started training her to respond to her name as well as all the basic “sit, stay, lay-down”, etc. But the older she gets the bigger she gets and it’s become harder for me to guard her from distractions and keep her attention on me.

As of lately she has started ignoring me all-together and pulling away from me on leash trying to get at whatever she wants (usually my roommate/house-guests, but only occasionally at other dogs while on walks or outings.

I tried a similar post once before only to get “off course she won’t listen she doesn’t speak english” but she listens just fine while no distractions are present, but as soon as she gets distracted there are no treats that can bring her attention back to me so I can get her to settle down. I’ve ended up having to physically restrain her myself and sometimes even take her to the ground just to get her to calm down and I feel terrible every time but she is insistent on jumping/licking everyone that comes through the door. I’ve been going strong on not acknowledging her until she sits, but my girlfriend and roommate usually just keep walking to get away from her which only makes her jump more as far as I can tell.

How can I train her to stay calm/down when people come over, and if she does get over excited, how to bring her attention back to me?

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