My 7 month old puppy won’t come out the crate in the morning for her walk

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Every morning its a long process of just trying to get her out of her crate to go for a walk. She'll stay curled up in there forever if i let her. I lure her out with some of her kibble and chicken hotdog, but shes smart and knows that when I place a trail of treats that its trying to get her out for a walk.

We never had to do crate training as shes an anxious puppy and that crate is her safe spot. So its generally hard to get her out. (Any tips on reverse crate training lol?)

The luring worked well for a while and we even got to the point of her following me out to the living room first thing in the morning, no luring. I'm not sure what happened since for us to have to revert back to treat trails to get her out but we are back at square 1 and its quite frustrating.

At night she is locked in her crate, as she has the tendency to look for trouble when she's bored and no ones watching. Should I try to puppy proof the room and leave the crate open at night?? I'm not sure if that will help build value for outside the crate or not but is it worth a try?

Do i upgrade to even higher value treats? She loves the hotdog but since we use it so often it may have lost its value.

Any help is greatly appreciated:)

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