My 4 month old puppy wont stop barking in the crate

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He used to do really well in his crate. We crate trained him from 8 weeks on and after the first 3 days he almost entirely stopped barking in the crate when we put him away for naps. We would only take him out for potty breaks if he cried and then put him back in, but he didnt often cry and would sleep a lot.

Now he is close to 4 months and has started barking and crying in his crate instead of sleeping. He will nap for maybe 20 minutes, if even that, and then start loudly whining and barking. I ignore him because I know he has just gone to the bathroom shortly prior, but he never really stops barking and whining. He can whine for hours, and now that hes learned to bark its getting disruptive. I dont understand what could have changed and why he thinks its ok for him to cry now.

We previously got over his whining phase by ignoring him for 15-20 minutes in the crate, and he would settle and sleep, but now it seems to go on forever. Are we doing something wrong?

Also as a side note, we do cover the crate with a blanket.

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