My 16 week old suddenly won’t stop barking in her crate

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I've had two hours of sleep and need to work today (so I am pretty pissed right now). She has been crated ever since we got her at 8 weeks old and has done fine. Naps during the day in the crate and sleeps at night, just has to pee around 2-5 am then back in the crate to sleep until 6.

Now…. it's the barking at 2 am. Then go pee. Barking at 3 am. Then go pee AND poop. Barking at 3:45, just over sleeping in general.

Get her out of the crate at 4:30 because well, now I can't sleep so screw it, let's get the loud yapper out. Sleeps on floor.

Back in crate. Bark.

I can't take it anymore.

Nothing has changed, she has the same bed she has had for weeks. She has a box fan for white noise and to drown out the loud pipes when the pipes kick on (we live in Winterhold). She exercises and gets trained during the day. She just hates when I get some peaceful rest, that is all.

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