My 10 mo doesn’t want to sleep near us

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Ive got a goofy lovely 10mo golden retriever, he is definitely going through a teenage phase, however he just isn’t into sleeping with us at night

As a puppy he has slept in the bathroom opposite our room and has been angel since day 1, we then left both doors open overnight but he’d always choose the bathroom tiles (would randomly sleep in our room from 3am-5am) and come in to cuddle for maybe 10 minutes at 7am

We have always blocked off our end so he cant go and wander downstairs but lately he just does not want to come up to bed with us, its such a battle, he just lies downstairs, he’s been like this for the past 4 months, we do treats,play games all that but just wants to lie downstairs

Tonight we wanted to see what happened if we went to bed without him and left him and he’s perfectly content just laying down there

Kinda devo as it just feels this dog is not into us at all 🙁 is this a puppy thing or has anyone experienced similar?

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