My 1 year old female yorkie will not go for a walk away from the front of our house

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I have a 1 year old female Yorkie that we got when she was about 7 months old. When we first got her, she was very easy and willing to take for a walk.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of having her, she broke her paw and spent 8 weeks in a cast and was unable to go for walks anymore. For those 8 weeks, I (or my partner) carried her outside and put her down and let her do her business, and then picked her up and brought her back inside.

Her cast came off recently and her leg has been great (thankfully!!)! She will play with us and run through the apartment without any issues.

But every time I take her outside for a walk, she will run to the spot I took her before and do her business and then immediately try to get back inside. And will not, under any circumstances, walk away from the front of our house. I have tried to get her to walk a few steps with treats etc. And will reward her appropriately. However, after a few treats (maybe 5-10 steps), she recognizes that she's not in her usual place and will try to sprint back to the house. When I pick her up, I actually find that her heart is racing (far beyond how much she's exerting herself) and she seems like she's very anxious.

Interestingly, whenever I get the leash out etc, she gets clearly excited and happy to go outside.

I have picked her up and tried to carry her for a block or two away from our house and put her down and let her sniff around and reward with treats. But after about 5-10 seconds, she will recognize where the house is, and immediately begin pulling back to get to the house and her heart starts racing again and becomes obviously distressed.

My partner lives at home as well and has had the exact same issues when trying to take her for a walk.

Now here comes the interesting part…… If we all (myself, my partner and my yorkie) go for a walk together – our yorkie is completely fine. She will walk away from the house and walk for however long we go for without any problems at all and there's no signs of anxiety or any distress.

Can anyone suggest any help? Dog psychology is fascinating!

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