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Hey all! Hope this post is ok. I’ve never bought a muzzle before and there’s so many kinds I thought I’d ask here quickly before deciding. Amazon links are appreciated. I don’t want him to be able to open his little chompers at all!

I need one of these because my tard won’t stop eating crap outside! I was just outside raking leaves and I had him on a long lead tethered to the porch so he could enjoy some outside time and what does he do? Eats sticks and the thousands of acorns all over the place (don’t worry I kept getting them from him) it’s so frustrating. He loves being outside but he cannot be outside alone due to his snacking. So I thought hey I’m going outside, let’s bring him along so he can sniff things and say hey to the next door dogs should they come outside. Nope nope had to bring him back inside if I wanted to get anything done! I’m sure I’ll be woken up at 3am from him throwing up pieces of sticks he may have swallowed. He will not listen to leave it no matter how many times I say it and he DOES know what it means. He has been praised and rewarded a million times for leaving something when asked but um yea I guess it’s still a work in progress while outside. He’s a year and a half!

Thanks !

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