Moving to downtown Minneapolis soon – Seeking help training dog

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Background – my wife and I are moving from a quiet apartment complex in Denver, to a 33 story apartment building in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Our pooch is an 11 month old Sheltie/Border Collie-type mix. Admittedly, we are not completely proud of where he stands as far as training/control.

Our primary concern is this – we have had an incredibly difficult time transition his good behaviors inside into the outside world. The second the leash is on and our door opens, his energy goes through the roof and his attention to us is minimal. Anything that moves outside is lunged for and barked at.

My understanding thus far is that we need to find quieter pockets of our apartment complex so he can see these distractions, be distant enough to null any reaction, and then rewarded. Our confusion lies in our complete lack of control of distractions and ability to keep him on track. If we walk down our apartment steps and someone is walking on the sidewalk or a car is passing, it feels like we lose all communication and reception with the pup. This can persist for the entirety of the walk most days. As you can imagine, our fear of him touching the city streets in this capacity is immense.

What we have done – we are starting completely fresh with leash training indoors. Keeping him at a heel as we pace back and forth, with random turns has been going very well. Just a few days ago he would play 'chase me' when we pulled our harness off the door hook and now he, with a little encouragement, will sit as we fit him. Our next step is working on his ability to wait and 'look at me' (eye contact) while we open the front door…getting better each time but you can see it in his eyes that when the door is open enough he is shaking with energy to sprint out the door. I have questions about how to even begin keeping him at a heel as we pass through the door and walk down stairs as well as what we should be doing outside when that step comes.

What I seek – I would really like to exchange numbers with someone that feels qualified to speak with me about this issue so I could go into much further detail and specifics. My wife and I would love to just have a game plan on how we can start working on this and ensure we are all safe and happy. Our dog has so much potential and loves to learn and I just want us to be the best teachers and leaders for him that we can possibly be.

I know I am missing tons of details as I feel like I could have written pages more. But, this is a start.

TLDR: Dog wanna be good, just needs his owners to do better. Owners seek guidance.

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