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Hi! My dog, Noodle, is 8 months old and a complete mutt. She has some retriever, hound, and a small amount of Dane in her from her personality, sound, and size. We currently live with my parents, who hate a lot of noise, which is why crate training was never successful. Ever since Noodle was a puppy she HOWLS and sounds like she’s DYING when she’s locked by herself. Even now, when I put her in my room and shut the door, she will just scream the entire time. We’ve waited up to 30 minutes before (we stayed quiet to make her think we left) and she cried the entire time. That’s one think I need help on training her for, because I obviously don’t want her disturbing my apartment neighbors when we leave for work. The second thing is her outside time – she loves the backyard and keeps all her toys out there. She’s constantly begging to go out so she can play and just lay in the sun. How do I get her used to going potty on timed walks (instead of whenever she wants) and break her from wanting to go outside all the time? I know I’ll obviously need to wear her out and go on more park/walks, I’m just concerned about putting her on a potty schedule. Help 😂😩

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