Moving from Mass to Florida with 2 french bull dogs and 2 ragdoll cats… HELP…

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I'm moving from Mass to Florida April 1st. So excited about the whole thing EXCEPT,,,,,,,my animals are my babies. Just like with my kids i can't stand to see them in any distress. We are having all our things shipped out there a few days before us. So we're not pulling or driving a U-hall and the horra stories of people stopping for the night and their u-hall getting broken into. Nope so were gonna drive out. I have to ragoll cats not sure if anyone knows the breed. Very,very laid back chill cats. They love their humans and their home. Change throws them for a tizzy. Just a vet visit literally 5 min down the street wich i have made in 3 min cause their crying and pawing for me thru their kennel. It stess is both out. So they never go out side strictly indoor cats. And i have two french bull dog puppies. I know what was i thinking. It's like i got a set of twins. It's on from when they wake till they sleep. Ive lost 15 lbs though. Anyways they are crate trained. Love their crates. I have a Honda C.R.V it's a good size. Everyone can be crated or i can crate the cats in the back and the dogs can ride in the back seat. They have very good riding manners. Now one is almost 6 months old and will hold her pee/poop till were home. We can be on any hiking trails out for 5 hours she refuses to pee/poop but home. We took them to N.H and she held out till 4 pm. Finally went at rest area. And she drank and ate as usual. The baby the 4 month old she could care less. Here,there anywhere. An audience is better with her little grunts and mones pushing and then how peoud she is she did it all the good girls. Anyways. Do i get the vet to medicate my cats i can't take that ride from mass with them crying those low pitiful from the soul. And i know it would drive the pups crazy. Plus i know they all feed off my energy and i can't/won't take anything driving. So if anyone has any tips or stories of how they traveled with their pets plz share. I'm tempted to rent an R.V don't know how to drive one but I'm desperate to know were all gonna be ok. Thank you all.

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