Mother and puppies left in neighbor’s backyard all day every day in 100+ degrees weather??

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So recently last week I noticed my neighbors dog behind my backyard has been barking like a lot. I got a new puppy recently and whenever I take her out for potty break, the dog hears me and starts barking which causes my puppy to also bark (and I’m trying to teach her not to react to dog’s barking) after 2 days of annoyance I decided to check out the dog.

Grabbed a chair and stood on it and looked over the fence. Turns out the dog is a mother and has puppies who are no older then 4 weeks. She seems to be aggressive and barks a lot. I was shocked that my neighbors just left the family of dogs outside in this hot weather where I live??

A few days go by and the mother and pups are still in the same place. From my view, I can see how dirty the water is and the food is just left there for free feeding. The neighbors barely come out to check on the dog or puppies.

I feel like the dog and puppies are most likely neglected. Should I do something?? I feel really bad…

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