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Hi all – I’ve got sweet sweet year and a half or so Standard poodle mix. He is a big sweetheart but increasingly ill behaved now that I’m home all the time due to stay at home orders. Before WFH he was excitable but good on walks, excited to see other dogs but never OTT or rude and was playful and a bit mischievous at home but nothing we couldn’t handle.

I’ve been home for about a month and our schedule is the same each day. He is getting longer walks, more face time and attention. But he is getting worse on walks with each day. Excessive pulling and chasing of anything that moves. Immediately barking at and pulling to any dog in a quarter mile radius it feels like and increasingly destructive of things like shoes or laundry that he manages to grab.

I bought a thunder leash today and used it for the first time – he tried to jump a big fence to get a squirrel, landed hard on his side and almost took me down with him in trying to keep hold of the leash.

Any ideas as to why this behavior is changing now that he has more structure than before ?

Thank you for your time and help.

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