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Day 3. Pup was doing great… then I noticed rapid, shallow breathing. Coupled with low responsiveness, I began to panic. She’s only eight weeks old! I’ve only had her for three days— her health screenings were all clear, she’d eaten, she’d peed and pooped… what was going on?!

Her breath is hot. I bring her water and move her to the cool tile.

Back to normal in less than five minutes. My girl was dehydrated and overheating.

I saw all the signs, but I was trying to follow too much advice at once. Withold water before bed, give them some exercise to tire them out and help stimulate a movement… I didn’t even think about how those two things were contradictory.

She’s responsive again (I believe the semi-unresponsiveness was from her utter exhaustion and not her dehydration— a 30 minute nap cleared that up) and her breathing is back to normal. I’m going to keep an eye on her tonight.

Lesson learned. I’d rather have her piddle over every inch of the house than have her feel ill!

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