Misbehaving "trained" Italian Greyhound

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Hi! Long time follower on this subreddit.

We have a 1.5 year old Italian Greyhound, who is mostly potty trained, housebroken, completed formal training, knows commands. She's generally well behaved, especially for an Italian Greyhounds.
We recently welcomed home a dachshund puppy at 8 weeks old, who is now 13 weeks old. Our IG and the pup gets along just fabulously, they absolutely love each other, shares treats and toys with no aggression, loves to wrestle, etc. We feel that she's great leader, and a great influence on him. With the IG's leadership, pup is already understanding the outdoor/enclosed potty area, the doggy door, crating, and some of the daily commands we do with our IG.

Although, since getting him, our IG started urinating on our bed, nowhere else. At first we thought they were accidents, then it became daily. Either in our bed or the designated potty area. Occasionally, on us while we're sleeping, which is strange, and we didn't know how to "catch her in the act". So we 100% banned her from being on our bed, using "nuhnuh" or "off" command, treating her when she gets in her own bed, she's seems to be getting the idea. Now, just recently caught her snacking on the puppy's feces. Another undesirable trait, which she never done in the past. We had doggy guests in the past who used the potty area, and she always left the poops alone.

We're getting concerned that she's acting out because of the puppy, there's an underlying growing behavior issue, or a dominance issue. Is this temporary? Help!


Our older trained dog started to pee on our bed, and eats the puppy's poop ever since the pup arrived.

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