Might it be confusing to a dog to have "two homes"?

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I am in a somewhat unorthodox situation — my girlfriend and I have a dog, but have broken up. She will be moving out, to a unit in the same apartment complex as me. We both like this place, there's a pandemic on so it's just easier, and we also want to both see the dog every day.

She had the dog before we met so she insists on being the primary 'owner.' As such, I assumed the dog would stay with her most nights, but I would watch and spend time with him while I work from home during the day. She just indicated she imagined a rotating schedule — like he's three nights there, three nights here, etc.

I love my dog more than anything and want to see him every day, but I was a bit taken aback as I had the assumption dogs like consistency and he would probably do best sleeping in the same place each night. Am I wrong and he would probably be fine going back and forth? Bear in mind I'm staying in the apartment he currently lives in, so it would be a familiar location for him. The new apartment would be a bigger adjustment.

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