Male puppy does partial wees

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Hey all,

Looking for some advice on our new Cockapoo puppy's toilet habits.

We have had some success potty training with our 9 week old male Cockapoo. We take him outside at regular intervals and he is happy to relieve himself. However, shortly after coming back inside he does 1-3 follow up wees. Now these follow ups can be a small as a couple of drops.

We've tried extending the time outside with some success but usually we only get 2 wees. But still there are follow ups after we return inside.

It's like he isn't emptying his bladder at once and saves some for later…

Has anybody else had this? Is it a male puppy thing? Is it just age and he will grow out of it as bladder control improves? Or is it an early sign of a potential medical issue?

Thanks in advance!

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