Major Training Breakthrough tonight with 4.5 month old puppy!!

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My boyfriend and I adopted a dachshund at 8 weeks. We super researched training and have been working on potty training, crate training and behavior commands since day 1. Potty training and crate training were okay, but behavior commands like Drop it, Leave it, or Come Here (mainly running out of the room with a sock) are iffy sometimes. We’ve been using clicker training since he was about 12 weeks old but the response was never consistent.

Well tonight there was a breakthrough!! I was working on “Drop it” with him and there was a clear moment where he looked at the clicker and then at me and then dropped the toy. And then he did it about 15 more times!! Even when we took him to potty and we said “Potty” he looked at the clicker and squat down to pee. We’re so happy he’s finally getting it and wanted to share it because this Reddit page has helped us a lot!

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