Lost Maika to Parvo

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Maika, a beautiful 8 week old german Shepard- lab mix. She passed away at 4 am yesterday morning in the vet ER. She taught me the value of unconditional love and the fragility of life.

day 1: Seemingly healthy. Threw up one time in the car ride on the way home. Diarrhea without blood. We thought it was nerves or new food but something was off. She was so comfortable with us that nerves just didn't seem to fit.

day 2: Over night she threw up twice more and had diarrhea again. The next day we started seeing blood in the stool. We immediately took her to the emergency vet. They said "She doesn't look like a parvo dog" she was so active and loving. She tested negative. They gave her some probiotics, de wormer and an anti-nausia shot.

day 3: even more lethargic. More vomiting this time white foam and still blood in stool. Took her to the er again. They said they wanted to keep her there but I was confident that I could care for her at home with fluids and food through syringe. In the end we were glad to spend that time with her even if we didn't do everything exactly right.

day 4: the first of three days of 24 hour shifts. Antibiotics, probiotics, anti-nausia, food, electrolyte solution. No more bloody stool. More energy and she seemed to be getting better. We were so happy and we thought she would make it for sure.

day 6: another visit to a not emergency vet. She was doing well in the morning and even prancing around outside the night before. Right after the vet visit she took a turn for the worst. Her body started shutting down and she seemed to lose muscle control. Immediately we rushed to the ER. She was in critical condition.

Day 7: She was feeling better in the morning but they offered her food and she fell ill again. Come night she was feeling even worse. She wasn't able to hold her head up. We received a call that it might be best to put her down. We rushed over at 4 am and she tried to get up to come to me. She was in pain so we said our goodbyes.

I loved Maika like nothing else. I am heartbroken about this loss at how cruel life can be. She was going to be a service animal for my PTSD. In total it cost ~8k for all of her vet bills. It will be hard to come back from but I wouldn't have changed anything. Such a cuddler she was, when she was the most sick she would walk from her crate to the bed and snuggle with us as we slept near her. She is in a better place now.


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