Loose poo issue – uncertain of cause

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My parents and I adopted a hound dog (uncertain of breed as he was in an abandoned litter) a bit over 2 weeks ago and he's now approximately 15 weeks. His stool got a tiny bit loose about the middle of this past week but we didn't think twice about it as it coincided with him teething badly. The past two days, however, it's got a fair bit looser. Not full on diarrhea or anything, but loose enough that we're concerned.

We're struggling to pinpoint what it might be. He had a course of meds for giardia that ended a week ago, but he was asymptomatic when he was diagnosed and we did the full clean of all his bedding and the house after his meds finished + gave him a bath. The two things we can pinpoint as potential changes are that he's drinking a lot more water (could this be a sign that he's trying to flush something out of his system? Or just that he's settled in with us finally so is more comfortable?) and that we changed his treats a couple days ago (same brand though, just a different flavor).

We're taking him to the vet on Tuesday anyway for his next vaccines so will of course take a stool sample but I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of what's going on? We're first-time dog owners so are in new territory!

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