Looking for tips for “stay for fetch”

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Asta is a 3 year old AussieDood. We’ve done lots of training through the years; we passed CGC.

He does have a big prey drive. He’s obsessed with his ball, also SQUIRRELS! and CATS!

I am wanting to get him to stay (or hold) when I throw the ball at the park before relaxed g him to fetch. Right now we’re using a long line and short throws. It’s going well.

My question is commands. Do you still use “sit-stay” for when I throw the ball, or do we introduce another word like “hold”? We use “wait” as an on and off leash walking command.

Then when I release him, what command do I use? He is trained for toy and tug for “give-take” so I’ve been saying “take” as a release. Will this confuse things?

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